Add Support

Individual support elements can be added to a model with the Add Support option in the Support menu or the toolbar.

To add a support element:

  1. Select Add Support from the toolbar or the Support menu.

  2. Enter the first endpoint of the support, graphically with the mouse, or by entering coordinates in the prompt line.

  3. After the first point is entered, notice that as the mouse is moved, the length and angle between the first point and the current location of the cursor on the screen, is displayed in the prompt line. You can use the length and angle as a guide for graphically entering the second endpoint with the mouse. Or you can enter the coordinates of the second point in the prompt line.

  4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 for each support element that you wish to add.

  5. When you are finished adding support, right-click the mouse and select Done, or press Escape, to exit the Add Support option.