Borehole Editor

The Borehole Editor allows you to generate Soil Profile Boundaries, by entering vertical borehole data which defines the locations of material boundaries. The soil profile boundaries are then automatically generated by using one of several possible interpolation methods, to interpolate the boundary locations from the borehole coordinates.

The Borehole Editor is only available if the Soil Profile option has been enabled in Project Settings, and you must be in Profile mode.

To use the Borehole Editor:

  1. Select the Profile workflow tab.

  2. Select Borehole Editor from the toolbar or the Soil Profile sub-menu in the Analysis menu.

  3. You will see the Edit Boreholes dialog. This allows you to define the location, layering sequence and thickness for any number of vertical boreholes.

  4. Select OK and the Soil Profile boundaries will be generated from the borehole data, using the borehole interpolation method selected in Project Settings.