Add Soil Profile Boundary

The Add Soil Profile Boundary option is used to define profile boundaries within the Profile Extents, and is only available if the Soil Profile option has been enabled in Project Settings.

A profile boundary can represent a material boundary, a ground surface boundary, or other boundary. You must be in Profile mode in order to add (or edit) soil profile boundaries.

To add a Soil Profile Boundary:

  1. Select the Profile workflow tab.

  2. Select Add Soil Profile Boundary from the toolbar or the Boundaries menu.

  3. Enter the vertices of the Profile Boundary as described in Entering Coordinates.

NOTE: Profile boundaries must be defined within the Profile Extents. If vertices are entered outside of the Profile Extents, the boundaries will be automatically clipped to the extents. If you need to define boundaries outside of the Profile Extents, then modify the Profile Extents as required to encompass all boundary coordinates.

  1. When all vertices are entered, right-click and select Done, or press Enter with nothing in the prompt line.

Soil profile boundaries may represent material boundaries, the ground surface boundary, or other boundaries.

Edit Profile Boundaries

To edit soil profile boundaries, you can use the regular boundary editing options. However, you must be in Profile mode in order to edit profile boundaries. If you are in Geometry mode, you will NOT be able to edit the profile boundaries.