Soil Profile

The Soil Profile option allows you to define a master profile of your material boundaries (e.g. geological or soil profile), which is then used as a base template over which you can use the regular boundary options (e.g. Add External, Add Material) to superimpose different slope geometries (e.g. cut back a slope).

To enable this option:

  1. Select the Soil Profile page in the Project Settings dialog.

  2. Select the Use Soil Profile checkbox.

Once the Soil Profile option has been enabled, a Profile workflow tab will appear, and you will be able to define the soil profile boundaries. The profile boundaries can be defined explicitly, or they can be automatically computed from borehole measurements.

A Soil Profile can be used in conjunction with Scenario Modeling to analyze different slope geometries, while maintaining a constant master profile.

For more information see the Soil Profile Option topic.

Borehole Interpolation Settings

If you are using boreholes to define the soil profile boundaries, the method used to interpolate boundaries from the borehole data, can be customized by selecting the Borehole Interpolation Settings button on the Soil Profile page. See the Borehole Interpolation Settings topic for details.