Project Settings

The Project Settings option is used to configure the main setup parameters for your Slide model.

The Project Settings should always be selected before you proceed with creating your model, as some of the settings (for example, the Units of Measurement and Groundwater options) determine the input and availability of other modeling options.

The Project Settings dialog is organized into the following sections (pages) which are accessed by selecting the name of the page from the list at the left of the dialog.


Soil Profile







Random Numbers

Design Standard


Project Summary

Project Settings is available in the toolbar, Analysis menu or default right-click menu.

Default Settings

You can customize the default Project Settings by selecting the Defaults button. This allows you to specify the current settings as the default, or restore the original program defaults, for all new files. Default status can be saved for the following options:

Units of Measurement

Failure Direction

Maximum Properties

Analysis Methods

Convergence Options

Random Numbers

Advanced Settings

Project Summary Author and Company

The following settings cannot be saved as user-defaults, and always revert to the program defaults:

Data Output

Interslice Force Function

Groundwater Method

Advanced Groundwater