Borehole Interpolation Settings

If the Soil Profile option has been enabled, and you are using boreholes to define the soil profile boundaries, then you may select various interpolation options to define how the borehole data will be interpolated to form the profile boundaries.

To access the Borehole Interpolation Settings:

Interpolation Method

You may choose one of the following interpolation methods:

See the Interpolation Methods topic for more information.

Number of Horizontal Divisions

This determines the number of horizontal divisions used for the interpolation.

Interpolate Top Surface

If this checkbox is selected, then a Soil Profile Boundary will be interpolated through the top point of each borehole. This determines a top surface boundary.

Excavate Above the Top Surface Boundary

If the Interpolate Top Surface checkbox is selected, then this option can be used to automatically excavate any regions above the top surface boundary determined by the interpolation. Any regions above the top surface boundary and within the profile extents, will be excavated.