Support Statistics

In order to define support properties as Random Variables, select the Support option from the Statistics menu. This will display the Support Statistics dialog.

The Support Statistics dialog allows you to do the following:

  1. Choose the support properties that you wish to define as Random Variables.

  2. Enter the statistical parameters of support property Random Variables.

  3. Delete existing support property Random Variables.

NOTE: the method of defining support property Random Variables, using the Support Statistics dialog, is identical to the method of defining material property Random Variables using the Material Statistics dialog.

For a complete description of all options in the Support Statistics dialog, please see the Material Statistics topic, as the procedures are identical.

Non-Random Support Properties

Most of the support properties available in Slide, for the various support types, can be defined as Random Variables in a Probabilistic Analysis. However, NOT ALL support properties can be defined as Random Variables, for the purposes of a Probabilistic Analysis in Slide. These include the following:

If any of your support types use these options, remember that these options CANNOT be treated as Random Variables in a Slide Probabilistic Analysis.