Multi Scenario Modeling

Multi Scenario Modeling allows you to simultaneously create, edit and analyze multiple variations of a Slide model, with different geometry (for example) and/or different input parameters (e.g. material properties, support, loading groundwater). All groups and scenarios are saved within a single *.slmd file, which can be edited, computed and interpreted as a single file.

To use Multi Scenario modeling:

  1. In the Project Settings dialog, select the Scenarios page and select the Multiple Scenarios option.

  2. In the Sidebar, you will see a Document Viewer pane, which allows you to create and organize your various groups and scenarios. By default you will initially see one Group with one Scenario (master scenario) defined.

  1. Additional Groups and / or Scenarios can be easily created and organized using the Document Viewer. For details see the Groups and Scenarios topic and the Rules for Multi Scenario Modeling topic.

Multi Scenario Examples

For examples of multi scenario modeling see the following tutorials:

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