Modeling Rules for Multi Scenario

When you are creating and editing models using the Multi Scenario modeling option, the following rules apply with respect to inheritance of common properties, and propagation of editing operations. There are THREE levels:

  1. All Groups / Scenarios

  2. Individual Group

  3. Master Scenario + Additional Scenarios

Master Scenario

All changes made to a Master Scenario are automatically propagated to all other scenarios in the same group. Therefore you should only edit a Master Scenario when you wish to propagate the changes to all other scenarios in the group.

Shared by all groups / scenarios

The following properties are shared by ALL groups and scenarios.

Individual Group

The following properties are shared by all scenarios in a given group.

Additional Scenarios

Individual scenarios can be edited independently of each other, with the exception of the shared properties of groups / scenarios listed above, and the Master Scenario.

NOTE: the following editing options are not propagated between scenarios:

These options are NOT synchronized between scenarios in the same group, even when Link Scenarios is turned on, and will have to be applied individually to each scenario.