Import Properties

The Import Properties option allows you to import material and / or support properties from one Slide file into another Slide file. This allows you to simply read properties from another file, without having to re-define properties each time they are needed.

To import properties:

  1. Select Import Properties from the Import sub-menu of the File menu.

  2. You will see the Properties Import dialog. This dialog allows you to read only a certain subset of properties (i.e. you may want SUPPORT properties, but not MATERIAL properties to be loaded into your current model). Select the desired data you wish to read, using the checkboxes, and select the Import button.

  3. You will then see an Open File dialog, allowing you to select the Slide file from which to import properties. You can import properties from the following file types:

Open a file, and only the data selected in the Properties Import dialog will be read into your current document.

  1. After importing properties, you should verify that the correct properties have been read. Select a Define option (e.g. Define Materials), and check that the properties in the dialog are the ones you wanted.

Default Properties File

You can create your own custom DEFAULT property file, which will always be loaded at program startup, by naming a Slide file slidedefaultproperties.sli.

NOTE: in order to work, this file must be placed in your Slide installation folder (i.e. in the folder where the Slide executable program files are located.)

If you create such a file, then the properties in this file will always be the DEFAULT properties which are loaded at program startup. This allows you to always have your favorite DEFAULT properties automatically loaded, without the need to use the Import Properties option.

To re-instate the original Slide default properties, you will have to delete (or rename) the slidedefaultproperties.sli file. If Slide does not find this file at program startup, it will load the original program defaults (i.e. the default properties when you installed the program).

Note that the slidedefaultproperties.sli file does NOT exist when you install Slide, it must be created by the user.

Slide version 3 Property Files

In Slide version 3, properties could be stored in a separate "properties files" which had a .spr filename extension. Slide no longer supports the creation of .spr files, since properties are now read directly from other Slide (*.sli or .slim) model files. However, .spr files which were created with Slide version 3 can still be read by later versions of Slide. In step 3 above, if you select Files of Type in the Open File dialog, you will be able to select .spr files for import.