Generalized Anisotropic Strength

The Generalized Anisotropic Strength option allows you to create a composite material model in which you can assign any strength model in Slide to any range of slice base orientations. For example, you could create a material with Hoek-Brown properties over a range of orientations, and Mohr-Coulomb properties over another range of orientations (e.g. to simulate a weak bedding orientation in a rock mass).

Example of Generalized Anisotropic Strength model

The Generalized Anisotropic Strength option allows you to assign any combination of strength models to any ranges of orientation.

To define a Generalized Anisotropic Strength function:

  1. Set the Strength Type = Generalized Anisotropic in the Define Material Properties dialog.

  2. Select the New button.

  3. You will see the Define Generalized Anisotropic Strength Function dialog.

  4. Enter a Function Name.

  5. For each desired angular range, enter the value of Angle To. NOTE:

  1. For each angular range, select the Material with the desired strength type for that range.

  1. When all data has been entered, select OK, and you will be returned to the Define Material Properties dialog. The Name of the function you have just defined will appear in the Generalized Anisotropic Function list. By selecting a Function Name from this list, you can apply the Generalized Anisotropic Function to the current material.