Assign Materials

To assign the material types you have defined in the Define Materials dialog, to the various material regions of your model:

  1. Select Assign Properties from the toolbar or the Properties menu.

  2. Make sure the Materials button at the bottom of the Assign Properties dialog is selected (this is always selected by default when you open the Assign Properties dialog).

  3. In the Assign Properties dialog select the material you would like to assign. Notice that the material name and colour are those which you defined in the Define Materials option.

  4. Now simply click the left mouse button inside a material zone in your model, and you will see that the region will change to the colour of the assigned material. Repeat this step to assign the same material to other zones of the model if necessary.

  5. If your model has multiple material types, repeat steps 3 and 4 to assign the desired materials to all the zones of the model.

  6. When you are finished assigning materials, select the X button to close the Assign Properties dialog. Or if your model requires Support properties to be assigned, select the Support button in the Assign Properties dialog – see the Assign Support topic for details.

NOTE: a material "zone", as described above, is any closed region defined by Material Boundaries within the External Boundary of your Slide model. If a region is not "closed" you will discover this when you are assigning materials (i.e. the assignment will "leak" around the ends of unclosed boundaries, into adjacent material zones).

Right Click Shortcut

If you right click the mouse anywhere within a material zone of your model (i.e. within the External Boundary), the popup menu which appears will provide shortcuts to assigning materials.