Importing SLOPE/W Files

SLOPE/W is the slope stability program produced by Geo-Slope Inc.

To import a SLOPE/W file into Slide 5.0 (or later versions):

  1. Select Open from the File menu or the toolbar.

  2. In the Open File dialog, click on the Files of Type drop-down list, and select "Slope/W Files (*.slp)"

  3. The Open File dialog will now only list files with a .SLP filename extension. If the current directory does not contain any SLOPE/W files, then switch to the desired directory.

  4. Select the SLOPE/W file that you want to open, and it will be opened in the Slide modeler.

  5. See the important note below for information about SLOPE/W features supported in Slide 5.0.

SLOPE/W Features Imported Into Slide 5.0

Import of SLOPE/W files into Slide is primarily intended to import the boundary geometry, and material properties.

Due to the different approaches used for some modeling and analysis features (for example, slip surface generation), not all features of SLOPE/W models can be imported directly into Slide.

ONLY THE FOLLOWING features of SLOPE/W models can be imported into Slide 5.0:

Any modeling features not mentioned in the list above, will have to be re-created in Slide using the modeling techniques provided in Slide.

NOTE: it is highly recommended, after importing a SLOPE/W file into Slide, that you check the model carefully, and verify that the data has been read correctly.

If you encounter any problems importing SLOPE/W files into Slide 5.0, then please e-mail us at and notify us of the problem.