Importing Slide 2.0 Files

Slide 2.0 was the original DOS version of Slide.

Due to the many differences in modeling between Slide 2.0 (for DOS) and Slide 3.0 (for Windows), a completely new file format was required.

Slide 2.0 files can be imported into Slide 3.0 (or later versions) as follows:

  1. Select Open from the File menu or the toolbar.

  2. In the Open File dialog, click on the Files of Type drop-down list, and select "Slide 2.0 Files (*.sld)"

  3. The Open File dialog will now only list files with a .SLD filename extension. If the current directory does not contain any Slide 2.0 files, then switch to the desired directory.

  4. Select the Slide 2.0 file that you want to open, and it will be opened in the Slide modeler. See the note below for information about Slide 2.0 features supported in Slide 3.0.

Slide 2.0 Features Imported Into Slide 3.0

Slide 3.0 imports ALL major modeling features from Slide 2.0 files. However, there may be a few minor exceptions which are not supported in Slide 3.0. If you encounter any problems importing Slide 2.0 files into Slide 3.0, then please e-mail us at and notify us of the problem.