Import Image

The Import Image option allows you to add an image file (.bmp, .jpg or .gif) to the view, to use as a drawing guide or to customize screen captures. For example:

To add an image to the view:

  1. Select Import Image from the Import sub-menu of the File menu.

  2. You will see the Import Image Wizard dialog:

  1. The image will be added to the view. If you used the Scale Image option, the size and location of the image is determined by the coordinates you specified. If you did NOT use Scale Image, then the image will be centered in the view, and you can re-size or scale the image at a later time.

After an Image has been added, it can be moved, re-sized, formatted or deleted. See the Edit Tools Overview for more information.

Scale Image

The Scale Image option allows you to specify the exact size and location of an image on the view. Scale Image is available when you initially add an image, or from the right-click menu after an image has been added. See the Scale Image topic for details.

Resize Image

Images can also be graphically resized. If you left-click on an image, the control points on the image will be highlighted and you can click and drag them to resize the image.