Mesh Setup

The Mesh Setup option, available in the Mesh menu or the toolbar, allows you to define the Approximate Number of Elements and the Element Type, for the mesh.

Mesh Setup dialog

Approximate Number of Elements

The Approximate Number of Elements will determine the approximate total number of finite elements which are generated when the mesh is created. This determines the overall fineness of the mesh. Due to the nature of the mesh generation, this number should always be considered an approximate value. NOTE:

Element Type

The user can choose between 4 different finite Element Types in the Mesh Setup dialog:


Discretize / Mesh

The Discretize and Mesh buttons in the Mesh Setup dialog, allow you to see the results of applying the current Mesh Setup parameters, without closing the dialog.

These buttons are exactly equivalent to the use of the Discretize and Generate Mesh options in the Mesh menu or the toolbar.