The Discretize option in the toolbar or the Mesh menu, will discretize the model boundaries (External Boundary and Material Boundaries). The density of the discretization is directly proportional to the Approximate Number of Elements in the Mesh Setup dialog.

The discretization of the model boundaries, forms the framework for the finite element mesh, and is indicated by small red crosses subdividing the boundary line segments. Each cross indicates the position of a finite element node on the boundary. The Status Bar will indicate the number of discretizations created for each boundary type.

If you are not satisfied with the discretization, you can:

  1. Change the Approximate Number of Elements in the Mesh Setup dialog, and then re-select Discretize.

  2. Use the Custom Discretize option, or the Double Discretizations option, to customize the discretization.

After discretizing, the finite element mesh is generated by selecting the Generate Mesh option.