Workflow Tabs

The workflow tabs in the Slide modeler, are located above the toolbar and below the main menu:

They are designed to assist with the logical process of model creation, starting with Profile or Geometry (boundaries) and progressing through the various modeling features (Loading & Support, Groundwater, Surfaces). When you select a workflow tab, you will notice that the toolbar options are updated to reflect the currently selected option. The Profile tab will only be displayed if the Use Soil Profile checkbox is selected in Project Settings.

The workflow tabs serve the following purposes:

You do not necessarily have to follow the modeling order given by the workflow tabs. You may select any tab at any time in order to add, edit or modify elements of your model. However, certain rules apply (e.g. you cannot proceed with modeling until boundaries have been defined), and some modeling elements may have to be reset or deleted if you go backwards in the sequence (e.g. the groundwater mesh must be reset if you want to add or edit boundaries).

Turn Off the Workflow Tabs

If you do not need the workflow tabs, you can turn off the display of the tabs in the Preferences dialog in the File menu. In this case, all toolbar options will be displayed together.