The Sidebar in Slide is the vertical control panel at the left of the application window. The Sidebar offers context sensitive shortcuts to display options, object properties, material properties and other features as described below. You can click on any modeling entity or material region, and the sidebar will display the current input values, which can be directly edited in the sidebar, or you can select shortcuts to the main input dialogs for more extensive editing.

Multi Scenario Document Viewer

If you are using the Multi Scenario modeling option, the sidebar will display a Document Viewer pane, which allows you to view, create, select, name, organize and edit the various models and / or scenarios you have created.

Object Properties

If you click on any modeling object (e.g. material boundary, support element, load, slip surface, etc), the properties of the clicked-on object will be displayed in the sidebar. Some properties will be directly editable in the sidebar. For more detailed editing, shortcuts to the relevant input dialogs will also be displayed in the sidebar. The properties and shortcuts available will depend on the object selected.

Material Properties

If you click inside any material region of the model (not on any object or boundary), the material properties of the region will be displayed in the sidebar, and can be edited. Not all material properties are listed in the sidebar; to edit parameters which are not listed, a shortcut to the relevant Define Properties dialog will be available.

Soil Profile Extents

If you are using the Soil Profile option, and you select the Profile workflow tab, the sidebar will allow input of the Soil Profile extents.

Info Viewer

When the Info Viewer is the active view, the Sidebar allows you to customize the display and presentation of information in the Info Viewer.

Display Options

By default, shortcuts to most display options are available in the sidebar. To minimize the Display Options pane (or any other pane) in the sidebar, click on the pane header to minimize or maximize the input pane.