Opening a File

Slide input data files have a .slim or .slmd filename extension.

To open a Slide file:

  1. Select Open from the toolbar or the File menu.

  2. In the Open File dialog, select the .slim or .slmd file you want to work with, and it will be opened in the Slide modeler.

NOTE: through the Open File dialog, Slide can also import files from other slope stability programs. See the following topics for important information about the features of other programs which are supported in Slide:

Importing Slide 2.0 Files

Importing SLOPE/W Files

Importing XSTABL Files

Opening Multiple Files

As Slide is a fully MDI (multiple document interface) application, any number of files can be simultaneously open for editing.

Furthermore, any number of windows (views) can be opened for each file, using the New Window option in the Window menu.