Custom Keyboard Shortcuts

User-defined keyboard shortcuts (using the Ctrl/Shift/Alt keys) can be defined for most program options with the Keyboard Shortcuts option.

  1. Select Keyboard Shortcuts from the File menu.

  2. You will see the Customize Keyboard Shortcuts dialog.

  3. At the left of the dialog you will see a list of all program options for which a shortcut can be assigned. Choose an option. If a shortcut already exists for the option it will be listed in the Current Keys window.

  4. To create a new shortcut or modify an existing shortcut, click the mouse in the Shortcut Key edit box. To define a shortcut, press the Ctrl and/or Shift and/or Alt keys, and a number or letter. Select the Assign button to assign the shortcut to the command. If the shortcut is already in use a message will be displayed.

  5. Select OK to save your input.

Reset Shortcuts

To reset all shortcuts to the program defaults select the Reset All button in the Customize Keyboard Shortcuts dialog.