Selection Filter

The Selection Filter allows the user to choose which boundary types can be selected for editing.

The Selection Filter is available in:

By default, all boundaries are initially selectable in the Selection Filter dialog. The main purpose of the Selection Filter is to allow the user to select boundaries with a window, but filter out the selecting of some boundary types which may be within the window.

Example 1

Let’s say a model had numerous Material Boundaries that the user wanted to delete, without deleting the External Boundary. They could turn "off" all boundary types in the Selection Filter except for Material Boundaries, and then select the entire model with a window, while using the Delete Boundaries option, and only the Material Boundaries would be selected and deleted.

Example 2

Another common use of the Selection Filter, occurs when a Water Table (or Piezo Line) exactly overlaps a material or external boundary, and you wish to edit the Water Table. By using the Selection Filter, you can select and edit only the Water Table (e.g. move or delete), without affecting overlapping or nearby boundaries.


See the Selecting topic for more tips and information on selecting entities in Slide.