Scale Boundary

The Scale option can be used to scale the size or change the shape of a boundary. For example, you could scale the size of the External boundary using the Scale option. The Scale option can be used with any boundary type in Slide.

To use Scale:

  1. Select Scale from the Edit sub-menu of the Boundaries menu.

  2. Use the mouse to select the boundary(s) you would like to scale.

  3. When you are finished selecting, press Enter or right-click and select Done Selection.

  4. You will then be prompted to enter a base point for the scaling. Use the mouse or enter the x,y coordinates of the base point in the prompt line.

  5. You will then be prompted to enter the scaling in the x and y directions. Enter scale factors for both the x and y directions and press Enter, and all selected boundary(s) will be scaled about the base point. (Example: [ 1.5 , 1 ] would increase the x-axis dimensions by 50% and leave the y-axis dimensions the same).