Export DXF

Slide boundaries and support can be exported to a DXF file (AutoCAD Drawing Exchange File), using the Export DXF option in the Export sub-menu of the File menu.

To export boundaries / support to a DXF file:

  1. Select Export DXF from the Export sub-menu of the File menu.

  2. In the DXF Options dialog, select the entities you would like to export, using the checkboxes provided.

  3. Select the Export button, and you will see a Save As dialog. Type in a filename, or select an existing filename. Select Save and all entities you selected in the DXF Options dialog will be saved to a DXF file with the name you entered.


The Export DXF option can be used for exporting your model geometry into AutoCAD, or for future import back into Slide via the Import DXF option.