Convert Boundary

The Convert Boundary option can be used to convert an existing boundary in your model into a different type of boundary, or drawing tool. This saves the trouble of having to delete a boundary and re-enter the coordinates as a different boundary type. For example, you might want to convert a Water Table into a Piezometric line. This could be easily done with the Convert Boundary option.

To use Convert Boundary:

  1. Select Convert Boundary from the Boundaries menu.

  2. Use the mouse to select the boundaries you would like to convert. NOTE:

  1. When you are finished selecting, press Enter or right-click and select Done Selection.

  2. You will see a dialog which allows you to select the new boundary type. NOTE:

  1. Select a boundary type in the dialog, select OK, and all selected boundaries will be converted into the new boundary type.

Right Click Shortcut

Convert Boundary is also available as a right-click option for individual boundaries. This works as follows:

  1. Locate the cursor over a boundary that you wish to convert.

  2. Click the RIGHT mouse button, and the boundary will be "selected".

  3. A popup menu will appear with a Convert Boundary sub-menu.

  4. Choose a boundary type from the sub-menu and the selected boundary will be converted to the new boundary type.