Automatic Boundary Intersection

When adding or editing boundaries, Slide has built-in logic which automatically intersects boundaries with each other. The routine is very general – whenever boundaries are drawn (or edited) such that they cross or intersect existing boundaries, new vertices will be inserted at all intersection points, and all invalid boundary segments will be automatically removed.


  1. Create an External Boundary.

  2. Add a Material Boundary with both endpoints outside of the External Boundary.

  3. After the Material Boundary is added, you will notice the following:

NOTE: the automatic intersection capability is intended as a convenience and may prove useful in many situations. However, there may also be times when it is more appropriate, or simpler, to manually add new vertices to boundaries, rather than having them automatically generated. The user is encouraged to experiment with this capability of Slide.

Boundaries which are NOT intersected

The following boundary types are NOT automatically intersected with other boundaries.