Synchronize Views

The Synchronize Views option allows you to synchronize viewing options between multiple views. Multiple views can be from different files, or different scenarios in a multi scenario model.

Synchronize Views is available in the Sidebar or the View menu. The following options can be synchronized, by selecting the desired checkbox(es) in the dialog.

Sync Zoom / Pan for all windows

This option will synchronize zooming / panning in all views (i.e. when you zoom or pan in one view, all views will simultaneously be zoomed or panned).

Sync Method (if available)

This refers to the analysis method (e.g. Bishop, Spencer, etc). If you change the analysis method, the results will be updated for all applicable views. If the analysis method is not available for a particular view, then results for the current method will remain displayed in that view.

Sync FS/Ky/Disp contours

This refers to the Contour Options used to display Factor of Safety, Ky (critical seismic acceleration), or Displacement (Newmark Displacement) contours. If this option is selected, then contour options will be synchronized for all views.

Sync Groundwater contours

This refers to Groundwater Contour Options used to display groundwater results after a finite element analysis. If this option is selected, then groundwater contour options will be synchronized for all views.

Synchronize Tools (scenarios only)

This option will synchronize the addition or editing of all drawing tools in different scenarios within the same Group of a Multi Scenario model. Only scenarios in the same Group are synchronized. Scenarios in different groups will have to be individually synchronized.