Show Slices

The Show Slices option in the toolbar or the Query menu, works as a master ON / OFF toggle for the following Display Options, if they are enabled (checked) in the Display Options dialog:

By default, Slice Boundaries and Fill Colour are toggled ON in Display Options, but this can be changed by the user. If desired, the current Display Options can be saved as the program defaults by selecting the Defaults button in the Display Options dialog.

Show Slices only applies to slip surfaces which have been selected with the Add Query option. However, if you select Show Slices before any queries have been created, Slide will automatically create a Query for the Global Minimum, and show the slices for the Global Minimum slip surface.

Show Slices operates on a per view basis, and applies to ALL QUERIES IN THE CURRENT VIEW, if more than one Query exists in a given view.

NOTE: in order to use the Query Slice Data option, Show Slices must be ON.