Query Overview: Slip Surfaces

What is a Query?

A Query in Slide is simply a slip surface which has been selected with the Add Query option, for the purpose of viewing and plotting detailed analysis results along the slip surface (e.g. Base Normal Stress, Mobilized Shear Resistance, Pore Pressure, Interslice forces, etc). Detailed analysis results are viewed with the Graph Query or Query Slice Data options.


Standard Data Output

If the Data Output option in Project Settings = Standard, then you will only be able to create a Query for the Global Minimum slip surface.

Maximum Data Output

If the Data Output option in Project Settings = Maximum, then in addition to the Global Minimum, the following surfaces can be selected for a Query:

Circular Surfaces

After a Grid Search, the minimum slip surface associated with each slip center grid point, can be queried. Queries can NOT be created for grid point circles which are NOT minimum circles, since detailed analysis data is not stored for these circles in the Slide output file, even if Data Output = Maximum in Project Settings. See the Minimum Surfaces topic for a discussion of the minimum surfaces at grid points.

Non-Circular Surfaces

A Query can be added for any valid surface generated by a Non-Circular search i.e. Block Search or Path Search , when Data Output = Maximum.

Individual surfaces (circular or non-circular)

If specific individual slip surfaces have been defined with the Add Surface option (circular or non-circular surfaces), then detailed analysis data is ALWAYS saved for these surfaces, regardless of the Data Output setting (Standard or Maximum) in Project Settings. Queries can always be created for these surfaces.