Filter Surfaces

The Filter Surfaces option in the toolbar or the Data menu, allows you to filter the surfaces displayed by the Minimum Surfaces or All Surfaces options.

Filtering can be done:

To see the results of applying the filter parameters, without closing the dialog, use the Apply button. When you are satisfied with the results, select OK.

Viewing Invalid Surfaces

If invalid slip surfaces have been generated by the analysis, these surfaces may be viewed by selecting the Surfaces With Error Code option, and selecting the desired error code. This is useful for viewing slip surfaces which could not be analyzed, and may help the user to determine problems with the search techniques or parameters, modeling etc. When invalid surfaces are being viewed, the surfaces will be drawn in purple on the model. Only the invalid surfaces corresponding to the selected error code will be displayed, valid slip surfaces will NOT be displayed.

For a summary of all error codes which may be reported after a Slide analysis, see the Summary of Error Codes topic.