Support Forces

If your Slide model includes support, then the support force diagrams for the support can be displayed with the Support Forces option.

Support in Slide can be used to model the effects of soil nails, geotextiles, tiebacks, and other types of slope support systems. See the Define Support section in the Slide Model Help system, for complete details.

Show Support Forces

The Show Support Forces option, in the toolbar or the Data menu, works as a toggle, to show or hide the display of the support force diagrams. NOTE:

Support Force Options

The Support Force Options dialog is used to configure the display of support forces. Support Force Options is available in the Data menu or the toolbar.

Right-Click Shortcut

The Support Force display options are also available through a convenient right-click shortcut - if you right-click directly on a support element (e.g. a bolt or a geotextile) the popup menu will provide shortcuts to Show Support Forces and Support Force Options.