Chart in Excel

Any plot that you create after a Probabilistic Analysis or Sensitivity Analysis, can be re-created in Microsoft Excel with a single mouse click, using the Chart in Excel option. This includes the following plots:

To create a plot in Excel:

  1. First generate the desired plot, in the Slide Interpret program.

  2. Make sure the chart you wish to export is the active view. If not, click the mouse in the view to make it the active view.

  3. Select Chart in Excel which is available in the toolbar, the Statistics menu, and also in the right-click menu on any chart.

  4. If you have the Microsoft Excel program on your computer, it will automatically be started. The raw data used to create the chart will be exported to Excel, and a chart will automatically be created. All with a single mouse click!

NOTE: you can also use the Export Statistics Data option to export data to Excel.