Sensitivity Plot

If you have performed a Sensitivity Analysis with Slide, then the results are viewed with the Sensitivity Plot option in the Slide Interpret program.

To create a Sensitivity Plot:

  1. Select Sensitivity Plot from the toolbar or the Statistics menu.

  2. In the Sensitivity Plot dialog:

  1. Select the Plot button to generate the Sensitivity Plot.

  2. Once a plot is generated, there are several options available, if you right-click the mouse on the plot. See below for details.

Sensitivity Plot

A Sensitivity Plot is simply a plot of safety factor against the percentage change in specified model parameters. On sensitivity plots, the gradient of a curve for a parameter indicates the effect that parameter has on the factor of safety. Steeper rising or falling curves indicate greater influence on the factor of safety. A relatively "flat" curve indicates that a variable has little or no effect on the factor of safety.

Sensitivity Plot of two variables



Right Click Options

Several options are available if you right-click on a Sensitivity Plot. For example:

Experiment with the different options available in the right-click menu.