Export Statistics Data

The Export Statistics Data option, available in the toolbar or the Statistics menu, allows the user to export raw data from a Probabilistic Analysis or Sensitivity Analysis, to the clipboard, a file, or to Excel.

Data to Export

To export data, you must first select the checkboxes for the data that you would like to export. The following data will be available:

Once you have selected the data, the following export options are available.


Select the Copy button to copy the selected datasets to the Windows clipboard. From the clipboard, the data can be pasted into other applications for further analysis or reports.


Select the Save button to save the selected datasets to a file. The Save As dialog will allow you to save the data in one of 3 different text file formats:

The 3 different formats are all plain ASCII text files, with different methods of delimiting the data in each row of the file.


Select the Excel button to export the data to Microsoft Excel. If you have the Excel program on your computer, Excel will automatically be launched, and the exported data will appear in a new Excel document.