Export Raw Data

The Export Raw Data option in the Data menu, allows the user to export:

To Export Raw Data:

  1. Only data for the currently selected Analysis Method is exported, therefore, first select the Analysis Method from the toolbar (e.g. Bishop, Janbu etc) for which you would like to export data.

  2. Select Export Raw Data from the Data menu. You will see a dialog.

  3. Use the checkboxes in the dialog to select the data that you would like to export. (NOTE: the available selections will depend on whether you have analyzed CIRCULAR or NON-CIRCULAR slip surfaces).

  4. Select Copy to copy the selected data to the Windows clipboard. From the clipboard it can be pasted directly into other applications (e.g. spreadsheet) for post-processing.

  5. Select Save to save the selected data to a text (.TXT) file.

  6. Select Done when finished.

NOTE: when a safety factor cannot be calculated for a given slip surface, Slide will write an error code to the output file, rather than a safety factor. These error codes are NEGATIVE numbers such as –101, -102, -103 etc. See the Summary of Error Codes topic for a summary of all of the error codes which can be reported by Slide, and the probable causes for each error code.