Write Query File

Queries can be saved to a file using the Write Query File option in the Query sub-menu of the Groundwater menu, and read back in using the Read Query File option. Queries are saved in a .PVF file, which stands for Points-Value File. A .PVF file contains:

When you select Write Query File, you will first be prompted to select the material query line(s) that you wish to write to a file. Any number of queries can be saved in the same file.

  1. Select the queries you want to save to a file. You can select individual queries with the left mouse button, or multiple queries with a window, or all queries (in the view) by using Select All in the right-click menu.

  2. When you are finished selecting queries, press Enter, or right-click and select Write Selected from the popup menu.

  3. You will then see a Save As dialog. A query is saved as a .PVF file (Points-Value File). The data saved in the file will be determined by the data you are viewing (i.e. Pressure Head, Total Head, etc).

Points-Value File

The .PVF file is an ASCII file that can be viewed with a text editor. A .PVF file may not format correctly in a spreadsheet, as it was not designed for this purpose. If you wish to save queried data in a form that can be easily pasted into a spreadsheet, then use the Copy Data option, which is available as a right-click option only.