Contour Options: Groundwater

The Contour Options (groundwater) dialog contains a wide variety of options for customizing the display of contours on the model (i.e. Pressure Head contours, Total Head contours, etc). The values of the contours are displayed in the groundwater contour Legend.

A great variety of contouring appearances can be achieved by the use of the Contour Options. The user is encouraged to experiment with all of the available options, to become familiar with all of the possibilities.

The Contour Options (groundwater) dialog works in the same manner as the Contour Options (slope stability) dialog. For details about the contouring options, see the Contour Options (slope stability) topic, as the information is the same for both options.

Contour Options (Groundwater) is available in:

TIP: the contour style can be quickly changed using the shortcuts available, if you right-click the mouse ON the groundwater contour Legend.