Read Query File

The Read Query File option allows the user to read in .PVF files saved with the Write Query File option. A .PVF file contains:

When you select the Read Query File option, you will see an Open file dialog. When you open a .PVF file, there are two possibilities:

  1. If you are NOT graphing data (see #2 below), then only the x-y location information will be read, and new data will be generated at these locations on your model. In this case, the query line will exist on your model, as if you had added it with the Add Material Query option.

  2. If you select Read Query File while you are using the Graph Material Queries option, then the data in the .PVF file will also be read. This allows you to plot and compare data from different models on the same graph, within the Slide Interpret program. (Alternatively, if you right-click the mouse and select Add From File while using Graph Material Queries, this is equivalent to selecting Read Query File).

The Read Query File option can also read two other file types - a Comma Separated Values File (.CSV), or a Points File (these are listed in the Files of Type list box in the Open file dialog). A Points File is a simple text file, where each line of the file has the format X Y VALUE.