Query All Nodes

The Query All Nodes option in the Query sub-menu of the Groundwater menu, allows the user to automatically create a single "point" Query at EACH NODE of the finite element mesh.

Query All Nodes will display the value of the currently contoured data type (e.g. Pressure Head, Total Head etc), at EACH NODE of the finite element mesh. NOTE:

Number of Decimal Places

You can change the number of decimal places displayed by the queries, with the View > Legend Options dialog (this is also available as a right click shortcut, if you right click on any query, and select Number Format from the popup menu).

Viewing the Mesh

When you select Query All Nodes, you may also want to view the finite element mesh. This can be done by selecting the Elements checkbox in the Display Options dialog (the Elements option is also available as a toolbar shortcut). Remember that the nodes of the mesh are the locations which are queried by the Query All Nodes option.

Delete Queries

To delete the display of queried values after you have selected the Query All Nodes option, you must use the Delete Query option.

TIP: to quickly delete all queries, select Delete Queries, right-click the mouse, select Delete All from the popup menu, and select OK in the message dialog.

Export Nodal Values

You can export the queried values at all nodes, with the Export Nodal Values option. This allows you to save the queried values at all nodes, to a *.CSV file (comma separated values file). The data saved to the file, will correspond to the currently contoured data (e.g. Pressure Head, Total Head, etc). You can then import the file into other programs (e.g. a spreadsheet program) for further processing. NOTE: in order to export the data, you do NOT have to use the Query All Nodes option first. You can export the data regardless of whether you have selected Query All Nodes.