Copy Data to Clipboard

Query data can easily be copied to the Windows clipboard. From the clipboard, it can be pasted into other Windows applications (e.g. Excel), for report writing, further analysis and processing, etc.

There are two ways of copying query data to the clipboard.

While selecting for Graph Query

  1. Select Graph Material Queries.

  2. Select queries as you would for graphing.

  3. Right-click the mouse, and select Copy Selected from the pop-up menu.

  4. Data for the selected queries will be copied to the clipboard, and can be pasted into a spreadsheet program such as Excel, for further processing by the user.

Shortcut for single query

A shortcut for copying data for a single query, is to right-click ON the query, and select Copy Data from the popup menu. This will copy data for a single query to the clipboard. You can use this shortcut at any time, you do not have to be in Graph Query mode.

NOTE: Copy Data is NOT available in the main menu; it is only available as a right-click option, as described above.