Add Multiple Flow Lines

The Add Multiple Flow Lines option allows you to simultaneously generate multiple flow lines. This is done by entering a line or polyline, which is used to generate a number of starting points for the flow lines.

To generate multiple flow lines:

  1. Select Add Multiple Flow Lines from the toolbar or the Lines sub-menu in the Groundwater menu.

  2. You will be prompted to enter the points defining the line (or polyline). Use the mouse to enter points graphically, or enter x,y coordinate pairs in the prompt line.

TIP: the Snap options are useful for entering the points graphically, since you can snap exactly to vertices, boundaries etc.

  1. When you have finished entering points, press Enter, or right-click and select Done, and you will see the Flow Line Start Locations dialog. In this dialog, there are three options for generating the flow line start locations, along the line or polyline you have entered. Note:

  1. When you are finished with the Flow Line Start Locations dialog, select OK.

  2. The flow lines may take a bit of time to generate (a few seconds). When the computations have been completed, the flow lines will be displayed on the model.