Add Iso-Line

An iso-line on a contour plot represents a constant value of a contoured variable. Whenever you are viewing a contour plot, the boundaries between contour intervals on the plot, represent iso-lines of the contoured variable.

The Add Iso-Line option allows the user to add user-defined iso-lines to a contour plot, representing any desired value of the contoured variable. To add an iso-line:

  1. Select Add Iso-Line from the toolbar or the Lines sub-menu in the Groundwater menu.

  2. As you move the mouse cursor over a contour plot, the exact value of the contoured variable, corresponding to the current cursor location, will be displayed as a popup "data tip". This allows the user to easily determine the value of the contoured variable at different locations, without having to refer to the legend.

  3. When a desired value of the variable appears in the popup "data tip", or when the cursor is at a desired location, click the left mouse button, and the Add Iso-Line dialog will appear. In this dialog:

  1. When you are finished with your selections in the dialog, select the Add button to add the iso-line to the contour plot.

  2. You may add any number of iso-lines to contour plots, by repeating steps 1 to 4.