Save Tools

The options in the Tools menu, allow the user to add a wide variety of drawing tools and text annotations to a view. For a description of the Drawing Tools which are available, see the Tools Overview topic. All Drawing Tools added to a view can be saved in a Slide Tools File, with the Save Tools option. This allows you to save any drawings or annotations you have added to a view, so that you do not have to re-create them each time you open a file.

To save Drawing Tools:

  1. If multiple views are open, first make sure that the view with the tools you wish to save, is the active view. If not, then click the mouse in the desired view. (Remember that Drawing Tools are added on a per view basis).

  2. Select Save Tools from the toolbar or the File menu.

  3. This will create a Slide Tools File (.SLT filename extension), with the SAME NAME as the current Slide file. It will be saved in the same directory as the current Slide file.

Now, it is important to note the following:

Export Tools File

You can also save a Tools File, with the Export Tools option. This allows you to save a Tools File with any name. For example, if you wish to save different drawing tools which have been added to different views of the same file, then you must save them with different file names.

However, if you save a Tools File with a DIFFERENT name from a Slide file, then you must use the Import Tools option to display the Tools on a view, since the file will not automatically be opened when you open a Slide file.

How Pictures are Saved in a Tools File

When a Picture is saved in a Tools File (i.e. images added to a view with the Picture from file option), the image is not actually saved in the Tools File. Instead the filename path where the image is currently stored, is saved in the Tools File. Interpret will use this filename path to load the file, when the Tools File is opened. In order for the image to appear when the Tools File is loaded, the image file must be located in either:

If Interpret cannot find the image file in either of these locations, a warning message will appear, and the image will not be displayed on the view. Similarly, if the image file has been deleted or re-named, it will not appear when the Tools File is loaded.