Drawing Tools: Polyline

The Polyline option allows you to draw an arbitrary polyline consisting of any number of line segments, on the view. A Polyline can also be used to measure length. To add a Polyline:

  1. Select Polyline from the toolbar or the Add Tool sub-menu of the Tools menu.

  2. Enter points graphically with the mouse, or enter x,y coordinates in the prompt line.

NOTE: the Snap options are available in the right-click menu, if you want to snap exactly to certain coordinates.

  1. When you are finished, right-click and select Done or press Enter to add the Polyline to the view.

After a Polyline has been added, it can be formatted, moved, re-sized, copied, etc. See the Edit Tools Overview topic for details.

Length Measurement

A useful feature of the Polyline drawing tool option, is that the length of the polyline is automatically calculated, and can be displayed as a Data Tip. To view the length:

  1. Make sure the Data Tips option is on (either Min or Max).

  2. Hover the mouse over the polyline, and the length of the polyline will be displayed as a popup Data Tip.

This allows you to easily determine the length of an arbitrary polyline in the view.