Drawing Tools: Material Properties Table

The Material Properties Table option allows you to add a table of material properties to the view.

To add a Material Properties Table:

  1. Select Material Properties Table  from the toolbar or the Add Tool sub-menu of the Tools menu.

  2. Pick the point where you want to add the Properties Table. Enter the point graphically with the mouse, or enter x,y coordinates in the prompt line. By default, this point will correspond to the center of the table.

  3. A table of all material types currently used in the model (as defined in the Material Properties dialog) will be added to the view.

After a Properties Table has been added, it can be formatted, moved, edited, etc. See the Edit Tools Overview topic for details.

Dynamic Text Feature

A feature of the Properties Table drawing tool is that the contents of the table are automatically updated, if the material properties are changed. This ensures that the actual material properties used in the analysis, are always displayed in the table.