Format Tool

The Format Tool option allows you to customize the appearance of Drawing Tools.

To use Format Tool:

  1. Select Format Tool from the Tools menu.

  2. Use the mouse to select a Drawing Tool that you want to format (only one tool can be selected).

  3. When you have selected the tool, right-click and select Done Selection, or press Enter.

  4. You will see the Format Tool dialog, which will display formatting options applicable to the selected tool. For example, you can customize line thickness, style, colour, number format, edit text etc. The available options will depend on the type of tool.

  5. Make your selections in the Format Tool dialog. You can select the Apply button to view the changes without closing the dialog, or select OK to apply the changes and close the dialog.


Right Click Shortcut

If you right click the mouse on a Drawing Tool, you can select Format Tool from the popup menu.

Left Click Shortcut

If you double-click the left mouse button on a Drawing Tool, this will immediately display the Format Tool dialog.

Copy / Paste Tool Format

You can copy the format of a drawing tool, to another tool of the same type, as follows:

  1. Right-click on a drawing tool and select Copy Tool Format from the popup menu.

  2. Right-click on another drawing tool of the same type (e.g. Line) and select Paste Tool Format from the popup menu.

  3. Or select Paste Tool Format from the Tools menu, select the desired tool and press Enter.