Delete Tools

The Delete Tools option can be used to delete Drawing Tools which have been added to a view.

To use Delete Tools:

  1. Select Delete Tools  from the toolbar or the Tools menu.

  2. Select the Drawing Tools that you want to delete. You can select individual Drawing Tools by clicking on them with the mouse, or multiple Drawing Tools with a selection window.

  3. When you are finished selecting, right-click the mouse and select Done Selection, or press Enter, and the selected Drawing Tools will be deleted.

Right Click Shortcut

A shortcut to delete any individual Drawing Tool, is to right-click the mouse ON a Drawing Tool, and select Delete Tool from the popup menu.

Left Click Shortcut

You can also click on a Drawing Tool at any time with the left mouse button, and press the Delete key on the keyboard.

Delete All Tools

To quickly delete ALL Drawing Tools, you can: