Drawing Tools: Contour Label

With the Label Contour option, you can add Contour Labels to:

A Contour Label represents the numerical value of a contour line. To add Contour Labels:

  1. Select Label Contour from the toolbar or the Add Tool sub-menu of the Tools menu.

  2. Position the cursor over a contour line (in a slip center grid, or on the groundwater contours), and click the left mouse button. A Contour Label will be added at that position. NOTE: you may also enter x,y coordinates in the prompt line.

  3. Repeat step 2 for all Contour Labels that you wish to add.

  4. When finished adding labels, right-click and select Cancel, or press Escape.

After a Contour Label has been added, it can be moved or formatted. See the Edit Tools Overview topic for details.

NOTE: a Contour Label represents the value of the NEAREST contour boundary, even if you do not click the mouse exactly on a contour boundary. If you wish to obtain values of data between contour boundaries, then you can use the Data Tips options (Data Tips Max for safety factor contours in slip center grids, or Data Tips Query for groundwater contours). Or use the Material Query option to create queries from the groundwater contours.