Groundwater Analysis with Slide

Within the Slide program, Slide has the capability to carry out a finite element groundwater seepage analysis, for steady state or transient flow conditions.

The Groundwater Analysis in Slide allows you to easily define and analyze a groundwater problem, using the same model as for the slope stability problem. The boundaries of the problem only need to be defined once, and will be used for both the groundwater analysis and the slope stability analysis.

Although the Slide groundwater analysis is geared towards the calculation of pore pressures for slope stability problems, it is not restricted to slope geometry configurations. The Groundwater modeling and analysis capabilities in Slide can be used to analyze an arbitrary, 2-dimensional groundwater problem, for saturated / unsaturated, steady state or transient flow conditions.

The groundwater analysis capability in Slide can be considered a completely self contained seepage analysis program, and can be used entirely independently of the slope stability functionality of Slide.

Groundwater Modeling

The groundwater modeling options in Slide are all contained within the Slide Model program. In order to enable finite element groundwater modeling, it is first necessary to set the appropriate groundwater options in Project Settings (i.e. Groundwater Method = Steady State FEA or Advanced Method = Transient). When you do this:

For a summary of the steps necessary to carry out a groundwater analysis with Slide, see the Groundwater Overview topic.

Groundwater Compute

The groundwater analysis engine in Slide is a separate program from the slope stability analysis engine. You may perform a groundwater analysis in Slide, without necessarily performing a slope stability analysis.

However, after a groundwater analysis is performed, the results (pore pressures), can be automatically utilized by the slope stability analysis engine in Slide.

Groundwater Interpret

The results of a Slide groundwater analysis are viewed with the Slide Interpret program, and can be viewed at the same time as the slope stability analysis results.

After you perform a groundwater analysis with Slide, it is always a good idea to first use the Slide Interpret program, to check that the analysis results are reasonable, before you proceed to a slope stability analysis. If not, then you should go back to the Slide Model program, and check that you have defined your model correctly.