What's New in Slide Version 5.0

The following is a listing of the major additions which have been made in the upgrade of Slide from version 4 to version 5.

Note: for a list of changes and bug fixes since the initial release of Slide version 5, see the Slide version 5 Update History page.

Probabilistic Analysis

Extensive probabilistic modeling features, nearly all input variables can be defined as random variables. The probabilistic analysis can be carried out on the (deterministic) global minimum slip surfaces, or for the entire slope (repeat the entire critical surface search, for each new set of random variables). Probabilistic data interpretation features (histogram, cumulative, scatter plots etc) are included.

Sensitivity Analysis

Sensitivity analysis can be carried out using almost any input variable. The results of multiple variables can be plotted on a single graph.

Back Analysis

Automatically compute the required reinforcement load to achieve a specified factor of safety. See the Back Analysis topic for details.

Critical Slip Surface Optimization

A new searching feature which will automatically search for non-circular slip surfaces with the lowest safety factor. In many cases, a significantly lower safety factor is found. The search is entirely automatic, and does not require additional user input, only a checkbox needs to be selected. See the Optimize Surfaces topic for details.

New Shear Strength Models

Excess Pore Pressure (Undrained Loading) using the B-bar method

Other features and improvements

There are also many other smaller features and improvements.